The Paddle Out

In 2016 two young surfers, Elliott & Micah, were in search of a Zinc product that didn’t cause rashes or allergies, wouldn’t sting their eyes, would last for ages and was friendly to the ocean and reef. They struggled to find the perfect product so set about researching the best ingredients and process to make their own.

After months of experimenting in their backyard shed, the pair succeeded in producing the best natural, zinc-based, sun protection they could: SeaSap Zinc.

From here, they began to share SeaSap with the surfing community. The pair were stoked that everyone seemed to love their product just as much as they did. Surfers and ocean-lovers from far and wide were trying to get their hands on this incredible zinc that ticked all the right boxes. 

The Take Off

A few years, adventures and surf trips later, life dropped in, stock ran low and surfers who had been using SeaSap since the beginning were in desperate need of more.

Rod Moratti, a long-time surfer and SeaSap disciple, was looking for a change after 33 years as a private investigator. When he noticed his local surf shop shelves were no longer stocked with SeaSap he reached out to the boys. 

Not long after, a handshake deal was done between them and now Rod and his team are stoked to carry on the good work.

The Ride

SeaSap continues our promise to be the trusted sun and skincare brand for surfers and lovers of the outdoors.

Proudly made in New Zealand. SeaSap is natural, it works, is safe for the ocean, and it's convenient. Chuck one in your surf kit, your bag and glove box and give it as a gift.

As we grow our product range, we carry across these same promises and values. So you can trust that no matter whether you are using SeaSap Zinc, SnoSap Zinc or another SeaSap product, you are in safe, caring, like-minded hands. 

Meet our team

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Rod Moratti

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