what makes seasap the best zinc?

SeaSap literally came about because there was nothing in the marketplace that was good enough. Many other zinc products are either too sticky, too runny and often come in tiny tins. SeaSap comes in a 70g tin, is the perfect thickness, easy to apply and stays on for ages. It doesn’t sting your eyes, is a cool colour and it smells like heaven. Go on, open the lid and take a sniff.

What are the Seasap ingredients?

SeaSap Zinc contains all-natural goodness; Bee’s wax, unrefined organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic castor oil, zinc oxide (non-nano powdered), organic cacao powder, organic turmeric powder, organic vanilla extract. The heavenly SeaSap scent comes from a combination of the bee’s wax, coconut, cacao and vanilla.

what is the spf rating of seasap?

Initial in-vitro SPF testing puts SeaSap at SPF46. In-vitro SPF is a good screening tool, but any SPF claims are based on in-vivo testing which we are processing through May 2022. Based on the Australian/New Zealand standard 2604:2021, the product requires in vivo testing for SPF on at least 10 subjects (ISO 24444) and broad-spectrum testing (ISO 24443). The active sunscreen ingredient in SeaSap is Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano and Uncoated) which provides a physical barrier from the harmful rays and excellent water resistance. .

what are some other uses of seasap?

There are many other uses for SeaSap on your skin. Some of the ingredients including zinc, bees wax, turmeric and cacao support healing on small wounds and rashes, can be used on acne, insect bites, and sea lice bites. It prevents bacterial infection, helps repair dry skin and inflammation, even treating warts. SeaSap is great on runner’s rash, heat and nappy rash, the benefits are pretty much endless.

why is there no expiry date on my tin?

SeaSap is made with all natural ingredients and uses raw bees wax and oils as carriers. Because there is no water in the mix, there is nothing to promote a breakdown of the mixture. So long as you keep the lid on to stop oxidisation and don’t expose the tin to temperature extremes, your SeaSap can last years. If you notice some blackening around the lid, you have possibly left the lid off, wipe the black away and reseal otherwise your SeaSap might go hard and sticky and won’t be as easy to apply. Our Head Honcho still uses his original tin from 2016, it seems like it will never run out!

Can I recycle my tin once it's empty?

The 70g tins seem to never run out and have an endless life span. But if you ever finish a tin, the short answer is yes you can put it in your kerbside recycling bin. But we have a much better plan. Not only are the tins super sexy, they have an endless life and are great for storing all sorts of things; bits of wax, fish hooks, coins, buttons, anything that fits. So rather than throwing it out, find a new use for your thing of beauty.

what about my allergies?

One of the founders of SeaSap suffered from allergies, as does our Media Maestro. This is why we are so passionate about our product; it is allergy free.

is seasap vegan?

This is interesting. SeaSap is natural, but we cannot claim Vegan. We use bees wax as the base and although no bees are harmed in any way, many vegans claim the wax is ‘gained from the labour of bees’. It’s a fine point and one we don’t need to argue.

Will seasap stain my clothes?

We have all been using SeaSap for years and have never had an issue. To test this question our Head Honcho wiped SeaSap on his shorts and singlet, dived in the pool then chucked everything through the washing machine. It all came out with regular laundry powder on a cold wash and there was no staining. And of course, you are applying our goodness to your face, not clothes, but there is peace of mind for you.

will you supply to retailers?

Of course, the more the merrier, get in touch and we will set you up. We are keen to expand into export as well so let’s talk.