Natural Sun Protection


SnoSap Zinc

SnoSap Zinc is a Broad Spectrum SPF30 Natural Sun Protection.

Hand made using all-natural, locally sourced Ingredients, SeaSap has been lovingly created to protect your skin from the elements. Allergy free, it doesn’t sting your eyes, stays on longer, and cares for the environment without the dodgy chemicals most sunscreens contain.

Proudly New Zealand made. 


Store SnoSap so there is always a tin within reach - your glove box, back pack, and first aid kit. Snow reflects up to 90% of UV radiation. So we recommend chucking a tin in your pocket to reapply throughout the day. 


SnoSap is made for those out in the elements. Whether you're in the snow, mountain bike trails or any other alpine pursuits, this is made for you. It stays on longer, giving you protection on even the hottest blue bird days.


The original founders, and our Media Maestro have always suffered from allergies. SnoSap is one of the few products on the market that doesn't cause skin irritation, is 100% natural and allergy free. 

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Didn't know I needed this until I had it. No turning back now.

- Ciara O'Neill

Exceeded my expectations of what a zinc can do and has completely changed the game for me spending more time on the slopes.

- Harrison Chapman

Happy with how it doesn't make my skin react and blends in naturally.

- Laine Creighton